Mazda MX-5 Miata: 
  Find it. Fix it. Trick it. 

 by Keith Tanner 

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To my great regret , there's a piece of text missing in the first (and currently only) edition of the book. A portion of Chapter 1 disappeared between pages 19 and 20. Here is what you've missed:

Unfortunately, enthusiasts noticed that the new cars weren’t any faster than the previous NB. Dyno tests confirmed this. Mazda had to admit that the 155 horsepower rating wasn’t completely accurate, downgrading its claims to 143. To compensate, the manufacturer offered either a $500 card redeemable for service on the car, or Mazda would buy the car back for the full amount paid. It was an embarrassing moment that would haunt Mazda for some time.

For years, enthusiasts had been calling for more power. The aftermarket had shown that the engine was strong and willing to accept forced induction and that the chassis could easily handle it. The 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5—the Miata name absent—was Mazda’s answer. The engine was given an IHI turbocharger that boosted power to 178 horsepower. The Sport suspension first used in 1999 was installed underneath, along with the big brakes and bracing that had become standard in 2003. A few components of the drivetrain were beefed up to ensure longevity. A special interior and body colors rounded out the package, along with 17-inch Racing Hart wheels. Unfortunately, the SRT-4 available from Dodge made the horsepower look inadequate and the power delivery seemed to lag. The car’s biggest strength—the handling—didn’t show up on a test drive. The Mazdaspeeds sat around the dealer lots and, when a fire halted production of the 2005 models early, Mazda didn’t bother to restart the line. The 2006 MX-5—the NC—was coming shortly, and it was a completely different beast.

There is also a formatting problem in the specifications. The first column is 1990, the second 1994, the third 1999, the fourth 2001 and the final column is 2004 Mazdaspeed.