Mazda MX-5 Miata: 
  Find it. Fix it. Trick it. 

 by Keith Tanner 

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About the author

Keith Tanner is a car nut, pure and simple. He's got his first Miata in 1993 and has been modifying them ever since. In 2001, he joined Flyin' Miata where he does technical support, race car construction and product design. In other words, he spends all days working on Miatas and explaining how they work. Cars he has built have been featured in Car and Driver, Grassroots Motorsports, and Land Rover World and have appeared in several other magazines.

In his own garage, there's a 1967 Land Rover, "the Seven" (a Miata-based Lotus Seven replica), a 1966 Cadillac, a classic Mini, a 1989 Toyota pickup and a Mazda 323 GTX. His latest project is the Targa Miata, a Miata being built for the 2008 Targa Newfoundland. His wife Janel drives a turbocharged 1990 Miata.